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Article #728
Data Base Independent Data Access Layer  By Nazish Ali Rizvi
In this Article I want to describe you how we can approach a data base free data layer. It doesn't mean that we will not use any database, but we will try to incorporate any data source with our data layer. This kind of problem happen when we are not sure about either data source/Database will be Oracle, SQLServer, Access, etc. [Continued]

Article #727
Chain of Responsibility Pattern  By Nazish Ali Rizvi
This article shows a how to make a custom Wizard control using Chain of Responsibility Pattern which passes and returns data between each step. This sample creates a wizard control through windows form. Every step is responsible for its own validation and responsibility is break on each step rather then a single form . [Continued]

Article #726
Input, Output, Other File Operations, and Persisting Data  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #9 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #725
Simple, Rectangular, Mixed, and Jagged Arrays, Foreach Loops and Nested For Loops  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #8 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #724
String manipulation, string constructors, string assignment, and the StringBuilder class  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #7 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #723
If Statements, Switch Statements, For Loops, and While Loops  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #6 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #722
OOP recap, derived classes inheriting from base classes, constructors, and polymorphism   By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #5 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #721
References, assemblies, classes, encapsulation, and instantiation  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #4 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #720
Commenting, code-folding, using statements, basic variable, Console input/output  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #3 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #719
Printable Version Namespaces, classes, methods, and the "Hello, World" program  By Bryan Miller
Similar to the "Hello, World" post on a new WordPress blog, as described at, tutorial #2 from Bryan Miller shows us a variety of things including a the entry program. [Continued]

Article #718
Setting up the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition IDE  By Bryan Miller
Tutorial #1 from Bryan Miller. [Continued]

Article #717
Graphics in C# - Irregular Forms  By Sameet Singh Khajuria
Quite frankly, I think this topic is a lot of fun...the thought of making an app look completely different from the usual rectangular-formed layout really appeals to me. Drawing an irregular form, like drawing anything, requires four things : a surface, a stylus, a color and something to draw. [Continued]

Article #716
Converting Between Binary and Decimal in C#  By Bryan Miller
The following two source code listings show how to write a crude but effective console mode application for converting a number, either from binary to decimal, or from decimal to binary. [Continued]

Article #715
Get All URLs on a Page  By John Ginzo
In this article, I show a class that can be used to find and display all of the urls on a web page. What for you may ask? Well, in my experience as a web developer, I have found a class like this to be very useful. Sometimes, you may want to use this class a a basis for a more complex application that crawls your site checking for bad or broken links. [Continued]

Article #714
Multi Threaded Calculations  By Kara Hewett
This C# .NET test harness configures easily comparing throughput results of multi-threaded and single threaded calculations using ADO .NET datasets. This simple multi-threaded example performs calculation and database updates three times faster than a single threaded approach. [Continued]

Article #713
Generate unique strings and numbers in C#  By Mads Kristensen
The System.Guid is used whenever we need to generate a unique key, but it is very long. That's in many cases not an issue, but in a web scenario where it is part of the URL we need to use its string representation which is 36 characters long. It clutters up the URL and is just basically ugly. [Continued]

Article #712
The Internals of foreach  By Mark Michaelis
Many moons ago I discussed the foreach loop. I expand on that post here as I continue my series for the MSDN C# Developer Center. [Continued]

Article #711
Compress and decompress strings in C#  By Mads Kristensen
A couple of days ago, I had to store some very big strings in an XML file. To keep the file size down I wanted to compress the strings using a GZipStream and then decompress them later when needed. [Continued]

Article #710
C# Email Utility  By Kara Hewett
This useful C# .NET email utility configures easily identifying the receiver, sender, message content and mail server requiring minimal time for implementation. [Continued]

Article #709
Parameter passing in C#  By Jon Skeet
Many people have become fairly confused about how parameters are passed in C#, particularly with regard to reference types. This page should help to clear up some of that confusion. [Continued]

Article #708
XML forking in .NET Framework 1.1  By Paulo Morgado
This article will show how to fork XML processing when using XmlReaders and XmlWriters in .NET Framework 1.1. [Continued]

Article #707
Exception Handling Changes in C# 2.0  By Mark Michaelis
Charlie Calvert asked me to write some C# posts for MSDN C# Developer Center. This article is the first of a series about the changes from C# 1.0 to C# 2.0. [Continued]

Article #706
XML sub-tree processing in .NET Framework 1.1  By Paulo Morgado
This article will show you how to process XML sub-trees when using XmlReaders and XmlWriters in the .NET Framework 1.1. [Continued]

Article #705
WebBrowserControl for the .NET Framework 1.1  By Paulo Morgado
This article presents an implementation of a web browser control for the .NET Framework 1.1. It's more of a reference for what it does than how it's done. This is not the result of my work but a collection of all the help I got along the way. [Continued]

Article #704
Time Class  By Bostjan Maroh
The idea comes when i must create a project that work lots with time. So i have create time class. With this class you can calculate (sum) times, convert times from and to other data types. [Continued]

Article #703
An HttpModule That Moves ViewState to the Bottom  By Mads Kristensen
There are two reasons why it is desirable to do so. The first is for letting search engines see more of your content rather than the big portion of ViewState many sites have. [Continued]

Article #702
MP3 Player in C#  By George Steeves
A great little program to play WAV and MP3 files using C#. [Continued]

Article #701
Database Provider-based ASP.NET Membership Provider  By Wojtek Piaseczny
This is an example of how to build an ASP.Net LDAP authentication application using ADAM. [Continued]

Article #700
Delegates and Events  By Jon Skeet
People often find it difficult to see the difference between events and delegates. C# doesn't help matters by allowing you to declare field-like events which are automatically backed by a delegate variable of the same name. [Continued]

Article #699
What is a Collection?  By Mads Torgersen
Admitted, we blew it in the first version of the framework with System.Collections.ICollection, which is next to useless. But we fixed it up pretty well when generics came along in .NET framework 2.0: System.Collections.Generic.ICollection lets you Add and Remove elements, enumerate them, Count them and check for membership. [Continued]

Article #698
How To Change The Screen Resolution In C#  By Joshy George
All programmers are facing common problem is how to change screen Resolution dynamically. In .Net 2005 it's very easy to change the screen resolution. [Continued]

Article #697
Introduction Zip Format  By Joshy George
This is SQL Server Backup and restore tool, the system will store the backup files in standard Zip format ,the user-friendly screen let you backup and restore SQL Server database to local harddisk or remote network driver easily and quickly.The program can restore database easily. [Continued]

Article #696
Automatic Sql Server Backup Utility Using sqlserveragent  By Joshy George
It is a sample C# (VS2005) application for Automatic Sql server Backup Utility using sqlserveragent. I have used SQL-DMO dll. This article will show you how to create a automatic backup in Sql server 2000. [Continued]

Article #695
I/O in C# Unleased  By K.Vineel Kumar Reddy
The Classes that are presented here are all from System.IO namespace.So make sure you include it before doing IO programs. [Continued]

Article #695
An Intro to Constructors in C#  By Anoop Unnikrishnan
Constructors are very useful but only and only if we are aware of the best way to use it for a requirement. One need to be sure of the input that has be given to the constructor and the way the class is supposed to be used. [Continued]

Article #694
Passing Value To a User Control From a Web Page  By Anoop Unnikrishnan
This article will give you a brief idea how to load a user control dynamically and pass values to it. This can be also taken as a best example for the use of properties. [Continued]

Article #693
Implementing the Singleton Pattern in C#  By Jon Skee
The singleton pattern is one of the best-known patterns in software engineering. Essentially, a singleton is a class which only allows a single instance of itself to be created, and usually gives simple access to that instance. [Continued]

Article #692
Constructors in C#  By Jon Skeet
In the C# newsgroup, there was recently (at the time of writing) a discussion about various aspects of constructors. This page provides most of the important bits about how I believe constructors work in C#, including references to the language specification to back them up. [Continued]

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