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Silverlight 4 – HtmlBrush

Silverlight’s HtmlBrush allows for incorporating static HTML content into an out-of-browser Silverlight App. []

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Silverlight 4.0 – WebBrowser Control

The WebBrowser control allows for an HTML element to be embedded in a Silverlight application. []

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Silverlight 4.0 – StringFormat

New to Silverlight 4.0 – StringFormat provides a simple  solution for formatting strings. []

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Silverlight 4 – Elevated Trust

Silverlight apps  can now run in partial trust and avoid the security sandbox []

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Silverlight – Full Screen Support

Silverlight can display in either full-screen or embedded mode []

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Silverlight 4 – Local File Access

Silverlight 4  apps can run with Elevated Trust and access local files by using System.IO and related types that would otherwise be unavailable []

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Silverlight 4 – Detecting Elevated Trust

Elevated Trust  a new   in Silverlight 4 which allows Silverlight apps to be run with fewer security restrictions. []

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Silverlight 4 – Out of Browser Features

Silverlight 4 introduces several new features for out-of-browser applications that are not available to browser-based applications []

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Windows Phone 7 – Silverlight

Silverlight is likely to be the  akey technology in developing apps for Windows Phone OS. Microsoft has been quite on the details but Silverlight has several new features which look ideal for mobile app development, such as such as web cam support. []

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Silverlight 4 – Clipboard Access

Silverlight 4 introduces  3 static methods – GetText(), SetText(), ContainsText() for accessing the Clipboard []

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