Reflection Articles

C# Reflection

It's about two and a half years since I'vestarted using .NET. Maybe I can say that I know it very well. I am nowconvinced that the only real advantage of .NET, if we compare it toJava, is in the existence of metadata, IL and Reflection.Emit, but veryfew programmers are willing or capable to go there. […]

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Dynamic Method Invocation in C# using Reflection

Abstract Reflection allows the developer todynamically manipulate and inspect the members of objects, whichincludes their fields, methods and types. This is a consequence of C#being a managed language. This Article demonstrates how the developercan use Reflection to dynamically locate and call methods within aclass, including passing the respective parameters to the method andalso manage any […]

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Reflection in C#

This article explains how to make use ofSystem.Reflection class to extract each and every detail of any classin .Net Framework.The MemberInfo class available in System.Reflection namespace is anabstract class.It discovers the attributes of a member and provides access to themember metadata.We need to assign the details we need to query about a type viz.Constructors/Methods/Interfaces/Fields/Property etc. […]

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