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C# If Statements, Switch Statements, For Loops, and While Loops

So far in our series, we've covereddownloading and installing the free Visual C# 2005 Express Edition IDE,basic variable types, methods (including the crucial 'Main' method),properties, classes, objects, comments, encapsulation, instantiation,namespaces, assemblies, the 'static' keyword, using references, syntaxerrors, the 'private' versus 'public' keywords, brace pairing, and theConsole class. We've also looked at code folding in the […]

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Loops and Functions In C#

This code is basically for the begineers who want to get a clear concept of loop and function. This program will draw atriangle full of stars.Thiswill at first ask the user about how many lines of stars they want andaccordingly that many number of lines of stars forming a triangle willbe formed. //Triangle full of […]

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