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Strings are Immutable!

Working with strings is a common task in most apps but there are several ‘gotchas’ that can arise due to the immutable nature of a  String in .NET. Immutable simply means that once created it doesn’t change. This seems strange at first since the value of a string variable can indeed be altered : string […]

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C# – Understanding The NET Garbage Collector

A key pillar of the .NET framework is the managed code environment in which an in-built garbage collector automatically handles the tasks related to disposing of unused objects to free up memory. While the process is automatic there are a number of factors that you need to be aware of that can make the process […]

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Garbage collection

.Net is the much hyped revolutionary technology gifted to the programmer’s community by Microsoft. Manyfactors make it a must use for most developers. In this article we would like to discuss one of the primary advantages of .NET framework -the ease in memory and resource management. Every program uses resources of one sort or another-memory […]

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