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C# Dynamic Binding – Language Binding

Language binding is a form of dynamic binding which occurs when a dynamic object does not implement IDynamicMetaObjectProvider. Language binding comes in handy when working around imperfectly designed types or the inherent limitations in the .NET type system. A common problem is that when using numeric types is they have no common interface. Using dynamic […]

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C# Dynamic Binding

Dynamic binding in C# defers binding (ie the process of resolving types, operators and members) from compile time to runtime. Dynamic binding is used when you know w that a certain function, member, or operation exists at compile time but the compiler does not. This normally occurs when interoperating with dynamic languages (like IronPython) or […]

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Interoperating C# with Dynamic Languages

Despite the fact that C# 4.0 supports dynamic binding using the dynamic keyword, it doesn’t go as far as to allow executing an expression described in a string at runtime such as: string expr = “2 * 4″; // We can’t “execute” expr This is due to the fact that the code to translate a string to […]

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