Using ADO.NET Database 1 for beginners

Introduction This is a simple ADO.NET database application that returns results from a database table, writes the output to a DataGrid and TextBoxes, and uses Buttons to navigate through records. It is including: 1. Connection to a ADO.NET database 2. Use of a DataSet to fill with records 3. Use of a DataAdapter to load […]

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Creating a Custom ADO.NET DataAdapter

By┬áDavid Talbot Abstract Visual Studio.NET’s code generation features serve the purpose of creating trivial applications very well but when it comes time to create a more complicated application, a good programmer needs to know how to work with ADO.NET DataAdapters at the code level. When should I write my own vs. have one generated? Reasons […]

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Data Access with ADO.NET

Download AD What? This will be a multi-part article dealing with ADO. We will begin with a bit of history of ADO, what it is, why it's so important, and finally how to utilize it in a COBOL environment. This first article will provide a brief history of data access as well as provide […]

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